Monday, November 22, 2010

Plain Terracotta Pot Turned Antique and Unique

Remember this?

I decided I need a small, fun project to do in an afternoon.  I found this blog, Stories Of A House and this girl does amazing projects!  She also loves greens, blues and grays like me, which makes perusing her blog even more fun.

So I decided to try a technique I saw on her blog here.  She took a plain terracotta pot and antiqued it.  She used lightweight spackle, but I couldn't get it to adhere to the pot so I used vinyl spackle (she also said joint compound would work).  I used a putty knife and smoothed it on the pot.  I purposefully made it a little sloppy and very uneven so I could get an old worn finish look.

 Here it is after I have applied vinyl spackle, waited for it to dry and then took a paper towel and just smoothed off the rough edges.

I changed up the end look of my pot but you get the idea. The coloring in the photo didn't turn out very clear but I took a burnt gold color and painted it all over the pot, then instead of using a dark glaze I mixed the gold color in with white and dabbed that color over the top in spots and then took a paper towel and blended it.  By blending you can keep some spots lighter and then remove other spots so the dark shows through for a nice contrast.  Once I've let it dry over night I will spray it with a clear coat finish, a matte finish will add to the old look of the pot.  I haven't decided what to put in it yet but I think this turned out pretty good for an afternoon project.  Thanks Christa!

Look for another cool finish to do to an old pot, a verdigris finish.  I will post that one after Thanksgiving probably.

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