Monday, November 15, 2010

A New House

This is the exterior taken by the realtor

So we made an offer on a house and the bank accepted it! I know, I know, I haven't even posted pictures from our current house; I just got it feeling comfy and homey and we are off to start a new project.  We are really excited though.  The house is on 1 1/2 acres and Kolbe is ecstatic about all its possibilities.  There is a lot of work to do but the floorplan is great and the previous owners started to do some good upgrades.  Ooh and it has a pool and a BBQ pit and grilling area and lots of palm trees.

Here's a few pictures.

This is the front view, taken from the driveway
The entrance, I love the plants!

The front door is on the left side and there is a door to one of the bedrooms on the right, this is going to be my office.  It's already painted a bright skyish blue and there is a huge window.  The window makes the whole room feel light, I can't wait to have a space to set up all my office stuff.
Here is the living room.  Isn't the fireplace great? There are 4 windows with great views and lots of natural light (remember how much I love natural light??)

We will be replacing the carpet before we move in and I hope to paint the walls a color to complement the fireplace not blend in with it. I'm thinking something light and bright and welcoming.

I'm excited to put my cookbooks on these open shelves!  Lots of space for barstools and to be able to spread out and decorate cakes, I mean make very healthy meals for my family.

The dining room, the dark tile inlays are not my favorite but they are growing on me.

 Here's the family room.  The patio door goes out to the pool and BBQ area.

  I can't wait to buy a big soft rug and this awesome sectional from Room and Board (with the chaise piece too).

The master bathroom, since it was a bank owned house there are mirrors and light fixtures missing that we get to replace.  I can see why someone would take those they are high priced items!  I love the shower though.

Pool and outdoor living area.  The patio door goes into the family room.

 The outdoor grill area, with the fire pit to the right.  In the tiki umbrella thing there are lights and even speakers, party time!

 Fire pit on the left side and entrance to side of the garage in the center.

 View from the front door (this is the circular driveway). We hope to plant grass and a few colorful bushes in this space.

This is the big circular driveway, the house is on the right and you can see a corner of the garage on the left side.

Here is the detached garage with the house off to the right).  Kolbe is super excited about all the workspace he gets, there is even a bathroom in there although it needs to be gutted and redone completely.  
I almost forgot the best part of the whole house... a half pipe!

So there it is our future house! I'm thinking we will be moving in mid December so I might be a little MIA again.  But I will keep you posted on all the changes we are making.


  1. You will have it up and looking like a home in no time. That half pipe, though, can't imagine you and Kolbe on that. Dogs, maybe? Skateboarding? love ya, Mom

  2. Congrats that is so exciting what a great house!!! Now if it was just in Idaho or Utah!!!

  3. This is totally you Heids!!! It is a great looking house, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the half pipe. It might sell on ebay lol.

  4. Wow, talk about an incredible house. Just love it!!!

  5. I want to visit California! I want to have that half pipe cause I want to learn to do tricks on my skateboard.
    Love, Dixon

  6. You found a house!! Congrats Heidi. Katelin, Seth and Lina can't wait to try out the half-pipe.

  7. My favorites: the counter space in the kitchen, the tiki bar and the firepit!