Friday, November 12, 2010

The First Cake is Here

I started out icing my cake, the lighting isn't great but it is a light green color.

And here is the finished decorated product.  My husband got a little excited about trying it and cut each of us a slice before I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet.  He claims he will remember for next time so I think I'm training him right! 

 In class tonight we learned how to make stars, hearts and rosettes (which I didn't try on my cake but I will next week).  We also learned piping edges with a shell design and a ball design- which is the pink on the bottom of the cake.  
On the top of the cake the yellow design was a sunburst style star and then I made a few green stars.  I put a few stars in yellow and green and some pink hearts around the rest of the cake.  I felt like this was a good start in my cake decorating process.  Bring on the Cake Boss, haha, no way!


  1. Cute. And tasty too I hope. Your iced it perfectly (my challenge) and your piped designs look perfect. Yes, I'm seriously flying you in for our next birthday. :)