Friday, November 19, 2010

I Pretty Much Rock At Making Cake Flowers!

No seriously, I made some good lookin' flowers.  I'm think this cake should be called "Garden Delight" it's a chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling, yum.

Make flowers was fun and relatively easy however a few other things didn't work out so well:

  • my camera taking skills, I used my phone camera and it was night and the lighting doesn't really show the colors very well.  The yellow has a harsher glare to it and the pink doesn't look so bright and fresh, but oh well in real life it looked great. And it didn't help that the husband was so excited about having a piece of this awesome cake that he was kind of impatient :)
  • Something went wrong with my base frosting, obviously.  This happened to a few girls in class last week and the teacher didn't really have an explanation.  It looks like little air pockets burst.  If I had been making a space ship cake this would have been great, but we were working on flowers tonight and I didn't know how to connect them to a space ship theme.  I love how the poor lighting quality fails to catch the details in the flowers but nicely captures the air pockets, nice, thanks camera.

So we worked on a few flowers in class.  Primroses, ribbon roses ( I like this rose because it has a more contemporay feel to it, it's the yellow rose above) and regular roses (the purple one above).  We used a basic buttercream icing which is a little softer then a royal icing so it's hard to get the petals to do exactly what you want.  We are learning royal icing in 2 weeks.  Here are some examples of what the flowers are suppose to look like, I included them cause again the camera didn't pick up on the details, but I have more of an "artistic flare" so they don't look as proper as these examples.

 I wish you could see the yellow rose in the front of this picture, it was great! And for the record I had a really hard time cutting into this cake, I just wanted to keep my flowers!

 The yellow flowers with the purple star are primroses, we also worked on leaves.  

Here is a good shot of the pink roses.  It's pretty cool to take a mound of frosting and create petals and whallaaa, a flower.  You construct the flowers on what they call a flower wheel, you have a template and a piece of wax paper that you create the flower on and then you have to wait awhile so the flower will harden enough to lift it off the wax paper and place it on the cake, I got a little impatient with a few flowers so that look a little squished.


  1. Looks tasty! (By the way, it's voila. You're welcome.) :)

  2. Good to know you haven't changed a bit but maybe I like the word whallaa lol. I noticed you love cake, maybe you should take a decorating class it's pretty fun.