Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have finally taken a few pictures of our house (the one we currently live in).  I still have a few more rooms to take pictures of but I have to clean them out to "stage" a picture and I just haven't yet.  So this is it for now, but I think you will like what you see.

 This is in the "dining room".  We don't really use it for a dining room so it's just this random spot with some book shelves and a chair and the cat condo (more of those pictures to come).

 Here's a close up, and yes I plan no putting a picture in that black frame (probably a wedding picture haha).

This is to the right of the table display.  The front door is to the left of this picture and I'm standing in the family room to take the picture.  I love the picture above the dog kennels.  And I love the empty picture frame even though Kolbe thinks it's weird not to have a picture in a frame, I think it's very chic.  Kolbe helped me choose the twisted wood candle holders and the green candles a few weeks ago at Kohl's, it's his favorite part of this whole area.

 I love that picture over the dogs kennels.

 The main bathroom. I love the blues and greens.

I hope you are excited to see how I apply all of this decor to the new house!