Thursday, June 4, 2009

His Name Is Moses

I have NEVER been a big fan of cats and then one summer at the County Fair my sister found the littlest white and orange kitten and we fell in love with it. That was the begining..... And so we tolerate/love Moses. Just kidding I really do like the cat, he can be pretty entertaining at times. Don't worry I just wanted to get a drink out of the faucet cause apparently my water bowl isn't good enough anymore!
My condo is my favorite place to sleep.... wait anywhere is my favorite place to sleep; but if you touch MY condo you will get a good swat!See I told you I like to sleep... anywhere.
I can't figure out why this ladder is here or what it's for so I guess I'll just hang out on it everyday until someone puts it away.We really are having fun! Wrestling is one of our favorite pasttimes.

See... can you feel the love?

Okay Moses, I hope you feel do-ly accepted in our family cause I have blogged about you (and I think I even blogged about you before the dogs so there you go!)

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