Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little Paris History

Did you know when the Eiffel Tower was built it was only suppose to be a temporary structure? It was built as the entrance arch for the World's Fair in 1889 and was the tallest building in the world until the Empire State Building was built in 1930. The tower was the topic of much controversy; the french considered it an "eye sore" and were very angry it was going to be allowed to stand for 20 years (that was how long the architect obtained a license for the structure to stand). During the World's Fair the tower received so much praise and recognition and attention that it quickly became a symbol of France. Nearly 2 million people visited the tower in its first year which boosted the French economy as well.
I love at dusk how the lights come on and they twinkle on and off for the first ten mintues or so.
I think the Eiffel Tower makes Paris Paris! What a city!

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