Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a Lemon Kind of Day

This picture fits my mood today.
I know every now and again its normal to have a bad day. Well I think the last few days I have felt this bad mood coming on and so today I just want to be in a bad mood. And while I could think of a thousand reasons I shouldn't be grumpy and what a good life I really do have and I could think about how I should turn my lemons into lemonade; I just don't want to!
I want to be grumpy and solitary!
I want to let my 'to do' list overwhelm and stress me out,
I want to let things that I have absolutely no control over consume me,
I want to be left alone,
I want to look like crap and have no one tell me about it,
I want to curl up and go back to sleep for the entire day,
I want to throw things at the wall,
I want to eat more junk food... (wait I think I should avoid that one!)
I want to listen to sad love songs,
I want to walk down the dirt road by my house in the rain and get sopping wet and muddy,
I want to hide from all the demands,
I want to unleash some tears and have a good cry,
and I want to let my bad mood drive me crazy!
And then maybe tomorrow I will get over my bad mood and make some dang lemonade or better yet maybe I will just throw away the lemons all together! But on a happy note I really like this picture; I think it has a great artistic quality and it actually makes me smile. So thank you lemon picture for giving me a momentary lift in my spirits, HA!


  1. I totally know what you mean! I do a really great job at being happy with the life I have about 95% of the time. But that other 5%?? Sometimes I just need a day to feel like my life is worse than anyone else' know? Then I can move on and be super happy again. So I say take the day and be upset! Embrace it today...then let it go and embrace something else. :)