Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I've been debating about how much Christmas decor I want to put up this year since we will closing on our new house December 21st and moving shortly there after, so I decided I was going very minimal.  Meaning no Christmas tree!  I know, I know, I'm a designer after all and aren't designers by law suppose to go all out for holidays? Well this designer doesn't love decorating for holidays, I usually decorate for Christmas but that's it and even then I don't go crazy.  Partly in the past the reason for this was because I lived with roommates and I was the one who usually set it all up and then I got to take it all down, not my idea of fun.  Turns out I also kind of married a Christmas tree scrooge, his dad ran a Christmas tree lot every year when he was younger and he had to help which also equals that he is a Christmas music scrooge.  Too bad he will still have to listen to Christmas music.  Anyway, back to this post..... I'm not putting up a tree this year but I did take out a few decorations, one whole shelf full to be exact.

I love snowmen and vintage Santa's.  The kissing Santa and Mrs. Clause are salt and pepper shaker and came from my mom (I'm going to say she gave them to me but her story might be different).  I love these because they are old and because we had them out for Christmas for as long as I can remember, kind of sentimental.

Here is my favorite Christmas decorations, my nativity.  The story behind this is special to me and the main reason why these are so dear.  When I was little my mom painted 3 nativity sets, all alike, she kept one for us and gave one to each of my grandparents.  When my grandma and grandpa on my mom's side past away all the kids were encouraged to take back the things they had given them over the years and so I claimed this nativity set.  Not only do I get to think about the reason for Christmas when I see my nativity but I get to remember my grandparents and the amazing people they were and all the good times we had at their house.  

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