Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Decor Fun

You may have thought that I switched my blog to a cooking blog but don't worry I have some good posts on design coming up.  For now I want to post some fun holiday pictures.  I use to have a large holiday file and I can't find it. There have been so many fun holiday ideas this year that I got a little crazy saving a few and didn't keep track of where they came from so if they are yours or you know who they belong to let me know and I will give them credit.  Happy holiday decor dreaming
Via 33 Shades of Green, and one of the best photographed Christmas trees I've seen
via Sweet Something Designs- So festive and fun!
 I know this person is on my blog role I just can't find where!

via Sweet Something Designs
 The best part was this gal made this ornament from a cool whip lid insert, very creative

Via Bliss Bloom

Via Martha Stewart
via Centsational Girl- I am going to attempt a version of this sometime soon!

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