Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breakfast of Champions?

I wake up every morning; throw myself together and head out the door for work. I am not a morning person and food is the last thing on my mind at 8am. When I get to work I am wrapped up in what I need to get done for the day; again I'm not thinking about food. But by about 9am my stomach IS thinking about food and screaming at me to stop and think about it too. Well this use to be such a frustration because my options were the cafeteria (I love the BATC cafeteria but my calorie counting doesn't) or the thought of all the food I have at home that I forgot to prepare during my hurried morning routine. This use to be an everyday occurrence and you would think after repeating this everyday I would learn to plan my breakfast but sadly I didn't; that is until I met Fiber ONE! Now my breakfast decision is fast, simple and above all else yummy. I really love these crazy bars. They fill me up, give me a small dose of chocolate and keep my stomach content through the whole morning. While not everyone would consider this a breakfast of champions I will admit it's good enough for me. So thanks Fiber ONE for being there for me every morning (and honestly sometimes for my lunch too)! Now my only dilemma is remembering to buy more!


  1. Good idea!! I don't think your blog design is working. And a suggestion for the keeping tabs portion - use the blog list gadget in blogger. This way you can see when someone has posted recently. It will save you TONS of time. I love it. I'll be checking in. :)

  2. Those look so yummy! I am definetly going to have to look for those the next time I am in the store! I always end up getting the kids breakfast and don't get around to mine!