Monday, March 23, 2009

Clutter Be Gone!

Do you ever feel like you are constantly just trying to keep up with the clutter that accumulates in your life? I am embarrassed to admit this but I have lived in my house for over a year now and my spare room is still a disaster! It has everything I just don’t want to deal with in there; old clothes that I swear I’m going to be able to fit into again, décor that I don’t have a place for but I still love it and think I will use it one day, magazines!, lots of photos, spare blankets and I could go on and on but you get the picture.It’s amazing how many excuses you can invent to put off this task; but having a new roommate moving in next week (yeah, Jenny we are so excited you are moving in!) has helped with my motivation. I was surprised to see how many garbage bags went to goodwill or the trash. I can’t believe the relief and sense of accomplishment I feel having just thrown away “stuff” I have been holding onto for years. My mind feels lighter and I feel refreshed and revitalized; and that was just one room! I think de-cluttering might just be addictive; now I want to attack my bedroom and then just my life in general.I have posted a few pictures I love of organized spaces to keep me motivated and maybe help you feel motivated with your own clutter ordeal. Remember add a punch of color, your personality and get organized!!

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