Monday, March 9, 2009

Victorian Italianate Remodel

My good friend bought this amazing house (at my insistence) and is now beginning the daunting task of gutting and remodeling it. This 100+ year old house still has many of the great architectural features from the Victorian era. I'm not usually a fan of Victorian "clutter" (like gingerbread molding, turrets, finials, belt courses patterned shingles and wild color schemes) but the Italianate style has a classic look that I love. This style was inspired by country villas in northern Italy; it was considered very elegant with its asymmetrical design, flat roof, elaborately carved window surrounds and intricate glass work. I think by restoring and accenting the features of the late 1800's era while giving it a fresh modern update this house will awe its future visitors. Now if only the 15 layers of wallpaper would take themselves off the walls!

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