Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes I hate making decisions. I remember when I could make any decision in less than 10 minutes; like where to eat, buying new clothes, what college to go to, where to live, etc. But the older I get the more I analysis and debate any decision until I just don't even want what the decision will get me! So my latest decision is deciding what to do with my car. Now you may say what is wrong with your car; well nothing really except that my lease is up and I need to decide if I should just buy it or trade it in for a newer model. So far I think I want to trade it in for a new car. My 2 choices are a Toyota RAV4 or a Nissan Rogue. They both have great features I want and are similar in price. I want it in either white or red…. now if I could just hurry up and decided.
Toyota RAV4
Nissan Rogue


  1. Well, seeing as how I will buy NOTHING unless it is on sale, and I mean ON SALE, I would say keep the one you've got cuz it's most likely the cheapest. But then, I remembered you weren't really asking for opinions as much as you were thinking outloud so...just sayin'

  2. I would totally by the Toyota only because I think it is prettier!

  3. So I've been thinking since I shared my opinion that the one advantage of buying your current car is that at the end of the day you will have something to sell when you finish paying for your car. A little savings plan. But, I do have a new love for the RAV4... it's going to be the key to avoiding the minivan trap at my house one day! I'm so trying to procrastinate the minivan purchase in any possible way! :)