Friday, March 6, 2009

Students Practicing Sustainable Design

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorite American architects, and is arguably the most ingenious architect of modern times. He created 2 schools for aspiring architects to study his work and carry on designing great architecture. This prefab 600 square foot, one bedroom house was built by a group of these students. The house is sustainable and economical. "It can be connected to utilities or be "unplugged," relying on low-consumption fixtures, rainwater harvesting, greywater re-use, natural ventilation, solar orientation, and photovoltaic to reduce energy and water use. The structure is dimensioned and engineered to be transportable via roadway." I love seeing earth-friendly practices being incorporated into education. Part of our responsibility as designers is taking the environmental challenges we are facing and creating work that is eco-friendly as well as beautiful design.

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