Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life is Life

I saw this saying on a canvas at TJ Maxx the other day and I started thinking about it. I think it means whether good or bad whatever is going on in your life is suppose to be happening. I tend to let the good and exciting things happen without any questions but when the bad or hard stuff happens I am always full of questions. The point is that even though it’s not always clear to us why things turn out the way they do it's just how life goes. We can choose to let life make us bitter and cynical or we can let life take us where we need to go and find happiness and contentment. I think it’s okay to question life, to push the boundaries and fight and love for what you want the most. It’s important to dream, set goals and make plans; but then we need to roll with what we are given and hold on to it. If we can do that I think life will be good and the best things that happen to us will be the ones we didn’t plan or expect.


  1. Good one. Thanks!! I sometimes find myself thinking..."if only." I guess life isn't meant to be perfect and trials are what makes us stronger in the long run. Sometimes though, it is kinda nice to drown my sorrows in something chocolatey. SOMETIMES!

  2. I think chocolate is part of enjoying life. In fact I think the universe WANTS us to eat chocolate!