Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Friends are the Heart of Life

A few of my best friend memories….
  • Getting a text in the middle of the night that makes me laugh so hard I think I might pee my pants and then laughing for the next hour as we take turns cracking the other one up- we think we are hilarious!
  • When a friend shows up at my door and tells me he is taking me to dinner because he knows I had a rough day.
  • Checking my voicemail at work and hearing the most bizarre made up story ever.
  • One Tree Hill and The 4400 marthons
  • Going for long hikes with our dogs.
  • A mixed CD of our favorite dancing music.
  • Sleep overs.
  • Road trips, need I say more?
  • Dancing around the house to “Womanizer” and eating cookie dough.
  • A note on Facebook that tells me I’m beautiful.
  • My roommate running and jumping on my bed in the middle of the night just to talk about how our nights went.
  • Shopping for hours and hours!
  • Rockband Tour; wahooo for "The Brittney’s"
  • Café Sabor….. Sweet Pork Quesadillas, so delicious.
  • DSH days!

Let's always remember what makes our friends important to us.

Thanks to all my great friends!

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  1. Great reads heidi. Blogging is fun isn't it. Keep it up!!