Friday, March 13, 2009

Zebra Zeal

Zebra prints are out in full force. I have watched them become popular; liked a few pieces I have seen but I hadn’t decided if I was a supporter of this trend or not. Well this is what I have decided; I like a little zebra pop; the key being "little". If you are in love with zebra keep it in small accent punches. The following pictures show this idea nicely.

I think a pair of chairs would give a strong punch against a more subtle pattern or color palette.

This stair runner is bold and definitely compliments the black and white color scheme.

I love this rug; it makes this otherwise traditional, sort of plain room come alive with movement and a bold contrast.

These stools are great. They give just enough piazza without screaming for attention.

I think a pair of chairs, an ottoman or a rug can make a bold classic black and white statement; but a whole sofa or this print in multiple places creates an overdone zoo theme.
My advice- while a zebra print is wild and will definitely brings life to any space remember less is better with this fun print.

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