Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Fits Me

I am revitalized by green. I love it in my house, and I have decided I love wearing it! I love the bright, bold, green as grass kind of green. Green is the color of nature and life; it is also the color of growth, balance, harmony, relaxation and stability. It gives us a sense of hope and the promise of spring and life.

Some fun names for green are:
Emerald, sea green, seafoam, olive, grass green, apple, mint, forest, lawn green, lime, spring green, leaf green, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, kelly green, peridot, jade, sage, sap, viridian, clover green, pine, moss.

My new purse, I'm quite thrilled about this purchase.

Some great green rooms. Bold and daring or soothing and calming.

Green is great when you need to restore balance to your life, feel a need for growth or change, want freedom to pursue new ideas, or want to calm your nerves.

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  1. green... aaaw. I do love green too! happy St. patty's day!